Why Himalaya Summit Club?


Himalaya Summit Club is comprised of individuals who are adept and proficient on their respective fields. The executive team members themselves are internationally recognized and certified by various esteemed programs and organizations. The support staffs for the trips are also highly skilled. These members participate in skill development courses before entering the field of operation. Similarly, the local teams spread across Nepal are also experienced and skilled. The expertise and experience of the entire Himalaya Summit Club Team are easily reflected in our actions.

Provide International Standard Service

At Himalaya Summit Club, we provide services of the highest caliber. Our services are directed to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. As we have internationally certified staffs, we also have a similar approach when it comes to serving our clients. Our guides, vehicles, and every other service are of an international standard to provide the utmost care and comfort. Whether you query for any information from our website or make requests for additional services, we make sure that your needs are properly addressed.

Safety and Security of Travelers is Main Concern

Traveling always comes with risks. However, at Himalaya Summit Club, we prioritize the safety and security of our clients. Our services are tried and tested so that any safety-related issues do not obstruct your pace on the trips. We arrange the finest facilities for transportation, accommodation, and similar necessities to the clients. We also make preparations for our clients on the basis of the requests they make.

Regular Monitoring and Checking During the Trips

We make regular monitoring an integral part of our course of action. Our trip leaders are always in contact with the central office to provide regular updates of the trips. Similarly, we make adjustments as per the prevalent conditions like weather and climate to make sure that such issues do not challenge your security. The issues related to health, safety, and security of the clients on the trips are also regularly monitored and checked.

International Standard Equipment

Himalayan Summit Club is proud to state that our services including the collection of our equipment are of international standard. From the trekking and mountaineering gears to the quality of camping tents, we use internationally certified equipment. This helps us to address the safety and security of the travelers along with maintaining a high degree of successful trips.

Proper Network and Channel

At Himalaya Summit Club, we have a great network of local and international teams. The information that we obtain via these teams is invaluable to maintain the standard of our services. In Nepal, the local teams provide information regarding the climate and accessibility of travel destinations. Similarly, the network of teams out of Nepal also grant us knowledge regarding the needs and requirements of the travelers.

Tried and Tested Trip Packages

We make it our duty to provide authentic trip packages of standard quality. To do so, we conduct researches and try the trails ourselves. This helps us to determine the attributes of the trips and the approaches we need to take to conduct the trips. This also helps us plan for exciting detours along the way. We try our best to provide the safety and security of the clients along with preserving the authenticity of the travel.

Associated With National and International Tourism Associations

We are affiliated with various national and international associations to further increase our pedigree on tourism. In Nepal, our guides are also members of some of the most esteemed organizations like Nepal Mountaineering Instructors Association (NMIA) and Nepal National Mountain Guides Association (NNMGA). Apart from the internationally certified members, the club itself has ties with a number of international associations.