Rock Climbing in Kathmandu is an adventurous escape to experience the challenging climbs in and around the skirts of Kathmandu.The adventure sport which has been gaining massive popularity in recent years offers different man-made and naturally-cut rock climbing grounds. The Hattiban Rock Climbing (Pharping), The Nagarjuna Rock Climbing (Balaju) and The Kakani Rock Climbing are the closest spots you could reach for rock climbing in Kathmandu.

The rock climbing destinations around Kathmandu offer a unique experience and vary in different aspects from difficulty to setting of the climb.First up, Hattiban offers an advanced level climb, and this experience can be custom-designed upon request. An hour-ride away from Kathmandu, Hattiban is a beautiful destination offering a great view of the Kathmandu city. This climb involves a 20-minute hike through the jungles to the climbing ground. With little shade at the crag, it gets really heated in the summer. The best season to visit is spring and autumn. Nagarjuna Rock Climbing is located at the Nagarjuna National Park inside Shivapuri. It's a 3-kilometer ride to the entrance of the park. After receiving the permit of getting inside, it's a good hike among the lush forests to the crag. The climb here is easier compared to Hattiban. Experienced climbers are allowed to free-climb. The cliff in Nagarjuna is ideal for beginners and is about 15m to 20m high. Kakani Rock Climbing also provides a 20-meter climbing experience. 29-kilometers away from the pickup point at Kathmandu; this ground provides a good challenge with its 6 different routes. Added to that, you can view mountain ranges of Ganesh Himal, Himalchuli, and Dhaulagiri from the hill-top. Each of the climbing ground comes along with a professional climber to guide your climb and look out for your safety. Rental gears are provided if you can't bring yours. It is one tiring yet satisfying sport you should try out when you are in Kathmandu.

Himalaya Summit Club has been organizing Rock Climbing for its clients matching their needs with what the climbing grounds offer. During the whole process, we provide the best transportation with pleasant food and lodging management. We take care of everything while you collect your experience of Rock Climbing in Kathmandu.

  • Enjoy the rock climbing experience at prime destinations around Kathmandu.
  • Witness gorgeous sceneries on the way to and from the rock climbing spots.
  • Challenge yourself on this exciting short adventure in a short distance from the capital.
  • Receive professional service and equipment on the climb.