About Us

In the span of 15 glorious years of his involvement as a guide in Nepal, Mr. Tul Singh Gurung identified the problems of fellow travelers. On distinguishing the need for a trustworthy company and a leading face to set the standard of services, Mr. Gurung founded Himalaya Summit Club. The Club is not a typical travel company but a group of professionals aspiring to recognize your needs for an ideal travel.

Gurung developed the love for traveling in his early years. His childhood days were spent frolicking around the hills of Laprak. This enthusiasm to explore and learn helped to shape the man he is today. Mr. Gurung believes that it is the actions that help to define a person rather than his beliefs. At Himalaya Summit Club too, Mr. Gurung has motivated other members to follow on his footsteps. Doing so, the company has acquired the support and dedication of internationally certified professionals and highly skilled local manpower. Experience and expertise are the go-to at Himalaya Summit Club evident by the actions of the staffs. Our services are of international standard backed up by a network of teams in both the local and international fronts.

Our services complement the trip packages which include trekking, tours, peak climbing, expedition, adventure sports, training courses and many others across Nepal. These trips are prepared after a series of in-depth study and trials. Safety, satisfaction, and comfort of the clients are our paramount priority. Similarly, the affiliations with numerous national and international associations introduce the reputation of Himalaya Summit Club. These legit associations along with our moral grounds and have established us as a genuine company with interests directed only to our clients. Our involvement in tourism is entirely for the benefit of the clients and we refrain from being involved in shady practices like fake helicopter rescue and such.

Himalaya Summit Club is a company that values the opinions and needs of our clients. We believe that on offering international standard services to the travelers and rightful payment to the staffs, we can set a benchmark in Nepali tourism.