Apart from the Himalayas and natural beauty, Nepal is renowned worldwide for its unique cultures, traditions, foods, and people. Nepal is a multi-ethnic and multi-lingual country. People belonging to different ethnic groups live with religious tolerance. However, Hinduism is the prominent religion of Nepal.

Nepal is also popular for its delicious cuisines. The existence of multi-ethnic groups makes room for an assortment of Nepalese cuisines, however, Newari and Thakali cuisines are the two most favored cuisines of Nepal. Newari cuisines include most of the buff items. Choila, Sekuwa, and Kachilaa are the most favored Newari dishes made with buffalo's meat. Likewise, Chataamari, Dhau (curd), Lakhamari, Yomari, Alu Tama, Bara etc. are the major Newari cuisines. Similarly, Thakali cuisine offers delicious both non-vegetarian and vegetarian items that comprise of lentils, rice, vegetables, pickle, salad, curd, and meat. The staple food of Nepalese is Dal-Bhat-Tarkari (lentils-rice-vegetables).

rich Nepalese culture has been able to lure the heart of thousand voyagers. People belonging to various religion relish their own culture and respects others traditions as well. Nepal is a secular state with no religious barriers. Hinduism (81.3%) is the most followed religion of Nepal alongside Buddhism (9.0%), Muslim (4.4%), Kiratist (3.0%), and Christian (1.4%), Sikhs (0.2%), Jains (0.1%), and other religions (0.6%). The prevalence of such many religions and cultures has set a moral standard for social interactions, dressing, and similar situations. Tourists visiting Nepal are requested to keep these in mind and act accordingly during your stay in the country.