Tsum Valley Trek

  • Day 1 Day 01: Arrive at Kathmandu airport and Transfer to hotel (1300m)

    Upon your arrival at the airport, our representative will warmly receive you and escort you to your hotel located at the heart of Kathmandu city. In the evening, you can go out to take a stroll. Overnight stay at a hotel in Kathmandu.

  • Day 2 Day 02: Sightseeing of Kathmandu valley and Trip meeting

    In Kathmandu, you visit some of the world heritage sites in the valley. Commencing with a visit to the Buddhist stupa on the northwest hill surrounding the valley, the tour heads to the historic palaces and monuments in Kathmandu Durbar Square. Also the home to the living goddess Kumari, the tour heads east to Pashupatinath. The Hindu rituals and practices are quite vividly displayed in the temple and the tour ends at Boudhanath stupa, thereafter. Overnight stay at a hotel in Kathmandu.

  • Day 3 Day 03: Drive to Barpak (Epicenter of Earthquake 2015) (1915m)

    After an early morning breakfast, you’ll embark on a road journey to Gorkha Bazaar. Gorkha lies 5hr drive away to the northwest of Kathmandu. You will observe beautiful landscapes, numerous streams, and Daraudi Khola en route. Once at Gorkha, you can briefly enjoy the local scenery and the historical sites. Afterward, you’ll catch your commute and drive north to the village of Barpak situated overlooking the Gorkha valley below. Overnight stay at Barpak.

  • Day 4 Day 04: Barpak to Laprak village (largest Gurung Village) (2100m)

    After breakfast, you’ll start climbing the ridge leading all the way to Laprak village. You’ll get to enjoy the scenery of Boudha Himal throughout the trail. A couple of hour of uphill climb will bring you to Gupsi Dada which separates Laprak and Barpak village. Another steep climb down the hill will bring you to the large Gurung village of Laprak. Overnight stay at Laprak.

  • Day 5 Day 05: Laprak to Khorlabesi (975m)

    You’ll begin descending through the village setting to the Machha Khola River. After crossing a bridge, you’ll keep climbing the hill passing along the terraced fields of pink sorghum and rice. You’ll arrive at Singla. From here, the trail is fairly easy. A narrow winding trail will take you directly to Khorlabesi located on the banks of Budhi Gandaki River. Overnight stay at Khorlabesi.

  • Day 6 Day 06: Khorlabesi to Jagat (1300m), Trek Duration: 7 hours

    You’ll leave Khorlabesi and start hiking along the river by buckwheat fields. You’ll walk past rocks washed smooth by the river, often climbing the stone steps, to arrive at the hot springs of Tatopani. You can choose to spend time soaking up in the gushing hot water. A gentle climb through the woods and the forested path will take you directly to Dobhan followed by Jagat. Jagat serves as the gateway to Manaslu Conservation National Park. Overnight stay at Jagat.

  • Day 7 Day 07: Jagat to Chisopani (1660 m), Trek Duration: 4 to 5 hours

    You’ll obtain the Manaslu Conservation Area park permit at Jagat before advancing through the rocky ridge to Salleri. You’ll descend to Sirdibas which opens up a wide valley leading all the way to Ghatta Khola. You’ll continue trekking upstream towards Philim, a large Gurung village. A short walk from Philim will bring you to Chisopani. Overnight stay at Chisopani.

  • Day 8 Day 08: Chisopani to Chumling (2386 m), Trek Duration: 6 to 7 hours

    Leaving Chisopani, you’ll ascend uphill and cross a huge waterfall to arrive at the pristine pine tree forests at Lokpa. From here, you can enjoy the magnificent views of Himalchuli (7893m) and Boudha Himal en route. A decent half hour downhill trek will bring you to Lungwa Khola. After crossing Siyar Khola you’ll arrive at Chumling from where you can enjoy the majestic sight of Shringi Himal range. Overnight stay at Chumling.

  • Day 9 Day 09: Chumling to Chhokang Paro (3010 m), Trek Duration: 4 to 5 hours

    The uphill trail from Chumling will advance to the Upper Tsum valley of Chhekampar. You’ll head towards the beautiful Buddhist village of Chhokang Paro with the magnificent sight of Ganesh Himal (7422m) almost throughout the trail. You go past Rainjam village and cross the suspension bridge to arrive at Gho. A continuous uphill trail from Gho will bring you to the village of Chhokang Paro. Overnight stay at Chhokang Paro.

  • Day 10 Day 10: Chhokang Paro to the Nile (3361 m), Trek Duration: 5 to 6 hours

    You’ll leave Chhokang Paro and leave for the village of Lamagaon. You’ll cross a suspension bridge and arrive at Rachen Gompa (monastery). It is the only nunnery in the entire region. You can briefly visit the nunnery and continue trekking past Siyar Khola towards Lar (micro hydropower), Phurbe, and Pangdun villages to arrive at the Nile. Overnight stay at the Nile.

  • Day 11 Day 11: the Nile to Mu Gompa (3700 m), Trek Duration: 3 hours

    As you approach the Nepal-Tibet border, you’ll witness rich Tibetan landscape, Tibetan styled thatched roof houses, and lifestyle. The Tibetan influenced settlement is one of the highlights of this trek. A short trek west of the open valley through the Tibetan-influenced landscape will take you to the aloof area of Mu Gompa. You will visit the historical monastery of Mu Gompa and later explore the Dephu Doma Gompa. Overnight stay at Mu Gompa.

  • Day 12 Day 12: Sightseeing and acclimatization at Mu Gompa (3700 m)

    Today you’ll spend time exploring the remote Mu Gompa and the quaint surrounding. You will witness the Tibetan landscape continuing to the other side of the border. Mu Gompa monastery lies at the altitude of 3700m. Due to its acute location, not many tourists or locals can be found in the area. You can also consider heading to the Pika Base Camp from Mu Gompa. Overnight stay at Mu Gompa.

  • Day 13 Day 13: Mu Gompa to Burgi Village (2386 m), Trek Duration: 5 hours

    After exploring the Mu Gompa region you’ll begin descending to the village lying below the ridge. You’ll walk past Chhule and Phurbe villages to Burgi village. The 5hr descent will take you through the landscape of Chhekampar. En route, you’ll climb the Milarepa Cave (Piren Phu) to catch the magnificent sights of Poshyop Glacier, Kipu Himal, and Churke Himal before heading back to Burgi village. Overnight stay at Burgi.

  • Day 14 Day 14: Burgi village to Chumling (2386 m), Trek Duration: 5 to 6 hours

    You’ll continue descending along the sparsely forested trail. The trail passes through the lush pine and rhododendron forest towards Chhokang Paro. A short walk through Gho and Sarpu Khola will take you directly to Chumling village. You also pass Kowo, Yarchyo, and Tanju along with numerous small settlements on the way to Chumling. Overnight stay at Chumling.

  • Day 15 Day 15: Chumling to Philim (1570 m), Trek Duration: 6 to 7 hours

    Today, you’ll leave Chumling and head back to Philim via Lokpa village. From Lokpa, the trek follows the Budhi Gandaki River for the entire period of the walk. You can enjoy the scenic Samba Falls along the trail before arriving at the flat land which leads directly to Philim village. Philim also allows a different route to head towards the base camp of Ganesh Himal. Overnight stay at Philim.

  • Day 16 Day 16: Trek from Philim to Khorlabesi (970 m), Trek Duration: 6 to 7 hours

    You’ll continue descending along the Dobhan Khola and make your way across Jagat and Tatopani villages to reach Khorlabesi. A short descent from Philim will take you to Sirdibas. A track leading through the lushly forested trail will take you back to Jagat. Tatopani lies en route where you can choose to take a dip to relieve your aching body. Further down Tatopani lies the village of Khorlabesi. Overnight stay at Khorlabesi.

  • Day 17 Day 17: Trek from Khorlabesi to Soti Khola (700 m), Trek Duration: 6 to 7hours

    Today, you’ll cross the Tharo Khola to arrive at Machha Khola village. A short downhill trek along the Budhi Gandaki River will take you to Lapubesi from where you’ll trek past two waterfalls to arrive at Khursane. A short walk along the ridges above Budhi Gandaki opens a valley which directly leads to Soti Khola. The trek concedes at Soti Khola. Overnight stay at Soti Khola.

  • Day 18 Day 18: Drive to Kathmandu (1300m)

    Today you’ll catch your commute back to Kathmandu from Soti Khola. The 6hr ride will go past Kuerepani to arrive at Arughat Bazaar. After a brief stop, you’ll continue driving towards Prithvi Highway which connects you to Kathmandu. The road leads through the serpentine roads of central Nepal along the massive Trishuli and Marsayangdi rivers. Once at Kathmandu you’ll be escorted back to your hotel.

  • Day 19 Day 19: Transfer to international airport for your final flight departure

    As the curtain closes in an epic adventure to one of the most secluded regions of Nepal, you will head to your destination on a scheduled flight. A company representative will help you will the official formalities prior to the flight.