TshoRolpa Trek with Yalung RI Climbing

  • Day 1 Arrival at Kathmandu (1,300m).

    On your arrival at Tribhuvan International Airport, our Airport representative will greet you and will transfer you to the hotel.In the evening you can walk along the streets of the city and enjoy the local cuisines while doing so. Overnight stay at a hotel in Kathmandu.

  • Day 2 Kathmandu by bus to Singati (950m) and overnight Camp.

    After having our early morning breakfast, we will drive in a private jeep towards the east and then to the northeast along with the views scenic green valleys and high mountains. On our way, we will visit the Bhimeshwor Temple in Dolakha and continues towards the campsite of Tama Koshi river and then to Singati. Overnight stay at Singati.

  • Day 3 Trek to Orangdanda (1,075m) and overnight Camp.

    Our trek heads towards the north following the Tama Koshi River along the deep valley crossing the rivers many times over the suspension bridges. The trail further continues along the forests and passes few tranquil villages with the rewarding views of Gaurishankar (7,134m). We will find a few Buddhist prayer flags hanging along the trees of the forests until we will reach Orangdanda. Overnight stay at Orangdanda.

  • Day 4 Trek to Simigaon (1,990m) and overnight Camp.

    We will leave Orangdanda in the early morning and head towards the east. The trail gradually ascends along the bank of Tama Koshi River before a sharp and steep ascent to Simigaon. It is a Sherpa and Tamang village and also hosts a number of monasteries in the village premise. The view of GaurishankarHimal (7,134m) is clear from here. Overnight stay at Simigaon.

  • Day 5 Trek to Kyalche (1,760m) and overnight Camp.

    Today is a short day trek along the verdant forest of rhododendron and bamboo leading us to the RolwalingValley? We continue along the ridgeline of the Rolwaling valley leading us to our destination Kyalche. From there, we will descend back along the bank of the river where we will set our camp.Overnight stay at Kyalche.

  • Day 6 Trek to Beding (3,740m) and overnight Camp.

    The trail will steeply climb along the tropical alpine vegetation with the views of the surrounding mountains. As we ascend further in the Rolwaling Valley, we will see the forest starts to thin gradually. After a few hours of ascending we will reach Beding which is a small village and is marked by a monastery. The locals may offer you the Chyang or yak butter tea. Overnight stay at Beding.

  • Day 7 Beding rest day, and overnight Camp.

    As we are suddenly gaining altitude we need to acclimatize to the thinning of the air at this altitude. The best way is the hike as high as we can from Beding to acclimatize properly to this environment. A day hike to Menlung La pass (5,616m) will be the best option for us from where we can see the many high mountains surrounding this region, glaciers, waterfalls and few settlements. In the evening, we will descend back to Beding.Overnight stayat Beding.

  • Day 8 Trek to Na Gaon (4,180m) overnight Camp.

    A short and steep walk will take us to Na village. The trail steeply ascends along the sides of the Rolwaling valley taking us to Na which is situated just below the Tsho Rolpa glacier lake and is surrounded by the beautiful peaks like Chobuje (6,686m), Chukyima Go (6,258m), and Yalung Ri (5,647m). It is one of the oldest Sherpa settlementsin the region and holds greatcultural importance. Overnight stay at Na Gaon.

  • Day 9 Trek to Yalung Ri Base Camp (4,750m) overnight Camp.

    Today the trail is short but ascends steeply along the Rolwaling valley. Initially, the trail climbs along the base of the valley and starts to climb along the south direction of Rolwaling valley leading us to the top of the valley and entering to Yalung valley. The ascent is really tough but the view from above is worth of all tiredness. The two valley meets at a right angle making the ascent more difficult. Overnight stay at Yalung Ri Base Camp.

  • Day 10 Climb to Yalung Ri, (5,647m) and Back to SanmaKharka (4,320m) overnight Camp.

    After a beautiful and tough experience climbing the Yalung Ri Base Camp, we start our journey by climbing the Yalung Ri (5,647m). The top of the peak offers the most magnificent views of the surrounding mountains. After some time enjoying the views of the high mountains we will slowly start to descend to the base camp and then to SanmaKharka. We will set up our camp at SanmaKharka. Overnight stay at SanmaKharka.

  • Day 11 Trek to Exploring to Tsho Rolpa Lake (4,540m) and overnight Camp.

    Today, we will start to slowly descend from SanmaKharka to Na village. On reaching Na village we will walk around two hours to reach the beautiful Tsho Rolpa Lake. We can see the beautiful reflection of the high mountains and blue sky on the water of the lake. We will explore the lake vicinity for the rest of the day and camp on the lakeside. Overnight stayat Tsho Rolpa Lake.

  • Day 12 Trek to Beding, and overnight Camp.

    In the early morning enjoying the beautiful sunrise view over the mountain we will walk back to Na village and continue to descend along the trail across the Rolwaling valley and then to the alpine forest leading us to Beding. Retracing our steps, we pass Dhogre and follow the Rolwaling River to reach Beding.Overnight stayat Beding.

  • Day 13 Trek to Shakpa Kharka (2,660m) 6-7 and overnight Camp.

    The trail descends steeply across the southern slopes of Rolwaling Valley and continues to descend along the forested landscapes of rhododendron and orchids.From Beding, we pass Chhimu, Jobalu, and Nyamare to take a different route from the one we took when we made the ascent. A short walk after diverting from the initial trail will take us to Shakpa Kharka.Overnight stay at Shakpa Kharka.

  • Day 14 Trek to Manthali (1,070m) 6-7 overnight Camp.

    As we leave Shakpa Kharka, we will descend steeply along the enchanting landscapes. we cross a suspension bridge over the Tama Koshi River. The trail further descends along the bank of the river leading us to the village of Manthali. We will cross many tranquil villages with varieties of ethnicity to reach Manthali. Overnight stayat Manthali.

  • Day 15 Trek to Singati (950m) overnight Camp.

    This will be our last day of trekking.We will descend along the bank of Tama Koshi River crossing few forests and settlements leading us to Singati.The road to Singati is fairly easy and passes Jamune and Makalbari to reach Suri Dobhan. From here, Singati is a short walk away. Overnight stayat Singati.

  • Day 16 Drive back to Kathmandu hotel with BB plan.

    Our private vehicle will drive you back to Kathmandu from Singati along the Araniko highway. On your arrival at Kathmandu, we will transfer you to the hotel. As you arrive in the capital, you can choose to roam around the city and buy gifts and souvenirs before departing to your destination.Overnight stay at a hotel in Kathmandu.

  • Day 17 Departure.

    This will be your last day in Kathmandu. Our representative will drive you back to the International Airport to connect you to your flight back home bidding you a final goodbye.