Saribung Pass with Saribung Peak Via Nar Phu Valley

  • Day 1 Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu (1300m)

    After landing at Tribhuvan International airport you will be received by our representatives from where you will be driven directly to the hotel. After refreshments, a short introduction session with the guides and other office staff will follow and you will also be briefed about the journey. Overnight stay at a hotel in Kathmandu.

  • Day 2 Day 02: Drive from Kathmandu to Pokhara (820m)

    The day begins with a lovely breakfast before we board the bus and head towards Pokhara. The journey soon leaves the crowded Kathmandu Valley behind settling down on the winding Prithvi Highway. Accompanied by the fast flowing Trishuli River, which is also a premium destination for rafters, we continue our journey through pleasant hilly landscapes to reach Pokhara. Overnight stay at a hotel in Pokhara.

  • Day 3 Day 03: Fly to Jomsom and trek to Kagbeni (2810m); 3-4 hours walk.

    Boarding an early morning flight out of Pokhara, we head towards Jomsom. The scenic flight takes around 20 to 25 and is adorned with mesmerizing views of the hilly region and Himalayas on the horizon. From Jomsom, we head towards Kagbeni which kick starts our Himalayan adventure. The journey passes through dry lands crossing the Kali Gandaki Valley before resting at Kagbeni. Overnight stay at Kagbeni.

  • Day 4 Day 04: Trek from Kagbeni to Chele (3050m); 5-6 hours walk.

    Registering our permits we continue alongside the banks of Kali Gandaki River enjoying the barren landscapes which surround the region. The hamlet of Chhusang which also acts as the gateway to Upper Mustang is next on our list. Witnessing the beauty and allure of 16 caves built above the tunnel we reach Chele. Overnight stay at Chele.

  • Day 5 Day 05: Trek from Chele to Ghiling (3440m); 6-7 hours walk.

    The trail winds through the rugged hilly landscapes to reach a plateau beyond which lies the hamlet of Samar. Continuing through the barren lands and several small passes, we reach Chungsi Cave Monastery. Enjoying the spiritual environment surrounding the region we reach the cave where Guru Padmasambhava meditated in the 8th century. The trail continues to reach Syanbochen Village before reaching Ghiling. Overnight stay at Ghiling.

  • Day 6 Day 06: Trek from Ghiling to Tsarang (3560m); 6-7 hours walk.

    The journey begins with a steady ascend up to reach the hamlet of Jhaite. Continuing the ascent, we reach Nyi-La pass located at an altitude of 4,010m. The winding trail continues a series of ascends and descends through Nepali flatlands to reach the hamlet of Ghami beyond which lies the longest Mani wall of Mustang region. A gentle ascent brings us to Tsarang. Overnight stay at Tsarang.

  • Day 7 Day 07: Trek from Tsarang to Lo Manthang (3740m); 5-7 hours walk.

    Following the river bed to Marang, we continue to reach the oldest monastery in the region known as Ghar Monastery reached after crossing the river on a suspension bridge. The monastery was established by Guru Padmasambhava in the 8th century who was also the founder of Tibetan Buddhism. Beyond the monastery, the trail once again picks up the pace and ascends to reach Chogo La (4,230m). Crossing the mountain pass, we begin our descent to reach the ancient capital of Lo Manthang.

  • Day 8 Day 08: Acclimatization Day.

    The ancient capital of Lo Manthang is a historical and ancient treasure trove beginning from the palace to countless caves We have two options to enjoy our day today. The first is a trek to Chooser which gives us a chance to visit countless caves and a cave monastery. The second option is to journey to the nearby Namgyal Monastery which takes about 2 to 3 hours giving us more time for exploration. Overnight stay at Lo Manthang.

  • Day 9 Day 09: Trek from Lo Manthang to Yara (3650m); 6-7 hours walk.

    Today, we make our way to the hamlet of Yara. The journey begins with a steady ascend heading towards the Dhi La Pass (3950m) which provides us mesmerizing views of the Lo Manthang region. Reaching Dhi village after trekking for about 3 hours, we begin to descend slowly to reach a stream beyond which the trail takes a steep ascending turn to reach Yara. Overnight stay at Yara.

  • Day 10 Day 10: Trek to Luri Cave Monastery (4005m); 3-4 hours walk.

    A short journey as we make way to Luri Cave Monastery. Following the stream for about 2 hours brings us to our destinations which is actually the combination of two different monasteries. Located below is another monastery which will be the first stop of our day before heading upwards to Luri Cave Monastery. The monastery is one of the most popular and oldest of the region which was established around the 15th century. Overnight stay at Luri Cave Monastery.

  • Day 11 Day 11: Trek to Ghuma Thanti (4600m); 5-6 hours walk.

    The journey heading out of Luri Cave Monastery continues to Ghuma Thanti through the barren landscapes and the Rocky Mountains. Through a series of ascents and descents, we continue our journey crossing a 5,100m pass on our way to reaching Ghuma Thanti. En route, we also get to enjoy numerous caves built upon vertical walls which makes one wonder as to how they were even built in the first place. Overnight stay at Ghuma Thanti.

  • Day 12 Day 12: Trek to Namta Khola (4890m); 7-8 hours walk.

    Surrounded by barren landscape we continue our journey towards Namta Khola. Crossing Batsyak La Pass (5450m), we reach the famed Damodar Kunda. Enjoying the mesmerizing sights of the lakes and the majestic Himalayas surrounding it we take some time off to wind down. Crossing the lake, the trail heads towards riverbanks of the Namta Khola. Overnight stay at Namta Khola.

  • Day 13 Day 13: Trek to Saribung Base Camp (4950m); 6-7 hours walk.

    The trail today takes us all the way to Saribung Base Camp. Continuing our journey, the rugged trail gets steeper and countless icy Himalayan passes occupy larger sections of the journey. Navigating past the icy Himalayan passes we continue to ascend the strenuous Himalayan trail to reach Saribung Base Camp. Overnight stay at Saribung Base Camp.

  • Day 14 Day 14: Acclimatization day.

    Today, we take the last of our acclimatization days. We have two options ahead of us. One can be to explore the surrounding regions and trek the surrounding hills the next to stay back at base camp to wind down from days of walking. However, for acclimatization purposes, the first option is much preferred. Overnight stay at Saribung Base Camp.

  • Day 15 Day 15: Trek to Camp I (5730m); 5-6 hours walk.

    The final day before we summit Saribung Peak (6,328m), today, we make the journey to Camp I located at an altitude of 5,730m. The journey kicks off with a steep ascent on the icy Himalayan trail which can be best described as arduous. After trekking for about 6 hours through the steep Himalayan trail we finally reach Camp I. Overnight stay at Camp I.

  • Day 16 Day 16: Summit to Saribung Peak (6328m) and back to Base Camp (4950m); 8-9 hours,

    The day kicks off really early as it is a long climb to the summit and back to base camp. Picking off where the previous day left off, we begin our ascent slowly slugging through the steep Himalayan trail covered in snow. Through icy trails and labored breathes we finally reach the summit adorned with mesmerizing views of the Annapurna, Manaslu, and Tibetan Himalayas stretching endlessly towards the horizon piercing the skyline. Enjoying the view up top we begin our slow descent towards the Base Camp. Overnight stay at Saribung Base Camp.

  • Day 17 Day 17: Trek to Nagoru (4400m) via Saribung Pass (6042m)

    Today, we reach all the way to Nagoru which denotes our entry to the hidden valley of Nar Phu. Guided by the majestic Himalayas in the horizon we slowly begin our way towards Saribung Pass ascending through each turn. Reaching an altitude of 6,042m the summit of the Himalayan pass is blessed with mesmerizing panoramic views of Mt. Dhaulagiri (8,167m), Manaslu (8,163m), Annapurna (8,091m), Nilgiri Himal (7,061m), and Himlung Himal (7,126m) alongside countless other Himalayan ranges. From here, we descend to Nagoru. Overnight stay at Nagoru.

  • Day 18 Day 18: Trek to Phu Gaon (4080m); 5-6 hours walk

    Leaving the icy trail behind, we settle beside the barren Tibetan landscapes leading away from the Himalayas. Through a series of steady ascends and descends we reach the Phu Gaon at the heart of the hidden valley. The region boasts unique culture and way of life which has remained the same ever since they were first brought into practice. We also pay a visit to Tashi Lhakhang Monastery which is listed under World's 108 greatest monasteries. Overnight stay at Phu Gaon.

  • Day 19 Day 19: Trek to Meta (3560m); 5-6 hours walk.

    Descending from the hamlet of Phu Gaon we begin our journey heading towards the narrow valley beneath us. The journey continues towards the hamlet of Kyang and Chyakhu before eventually resting at Meta. Throughout the journey, we come across remnants of ruined forts and fortress which was used as the settlement by the Khampa people. We also get to enjoy mesmerizing views of Annapurna II (7,937m) and Lamjung Himal (6,983m). Overnight stay at Meta.

  • Day 20 Day 20: Trek to Koto (2600m); 6-7 hours walk.

    The final few days of the trek takes us down the valley heading towards Koto for the night. The trail enters lush green forest accompanied by gurgling streams and picturesque waterfalls all along the way. Reaching Dharmasala, we come across the first of a series of suspension bridges we need to cross before we end our days walk at Koto. Overnight stay at Koto.

  • Day 21 Day 21: Trek to Dharapani (1860m); 5-6 hours walk.

    The final day of the trek today we end our Himalayan adventure back at Dharapani. The trail heading out of Koto enters dense pine forests to reach Timang. Enjoying the mesmerizing views of Mt. Manaslu (8,163m) peaking over the horizon we continue our descend towards Danakyu. The trail ahead abandoning steep ascends and descends settles down making for a pleasant walk across calming forest landscapes before we finally reach Dharapani. Overnight stay at Dharapani.

  • Day 22 Day 22: Drive from Besisahar to Kathmandu

    The final day of the journey we head back to Kathmandu. The day kicks off as we begin our journey to Besisahar via bus. Enjoying the Hilly landscapes we soon find ourselves alongside the e raging Trishuli keeps us company. Back in Kathmandu, we head back to our hotel winding down from all our travels. Overnight stay at a hotel in Kathmandu.

  • Day 23 Day 23: Departure

    Our representatives will once again drop you back at Tribhuvan International Airport just in time for your flight back home. We hope you had a lovely time with us.