Mt. Baruntse Expedition Itinerary

  • Day 1 Arrival in Kathmandu Airport.

    Our representatives will be on standby at Tribhuvan International Airport awaiting your arrival. You will be driven directly to the hotel where much-needed refreshments await. Once done you will be introduced to the guides and other staff members and will also be briefed a bit on the journey and what you might need. Overnight stay at a hotel in Kathmandu.

  • Day 2 Free day in Kathmandu.

    Preparing for a mountain expedition can be a hassle, especially considering the equipment we might need during the journey. In light of this, a free day is allocated to making all the necessary preparations and gathering clothing and equipment needed for the journey. You can head to the local market at Thamel to gather the necessary materials. Alternatively, you can also tour around the valley enjoying the enchanting beauty of the region. Overnight stay at a hotel in Kathmandu.

  • Day 3 Official work for expedition and briefing at Ministry of Tourism.

    Today, we head to Mountaineering Association and the Ministry of Tourism to take care of official paperwork. The mountain permits required for climbing alongside validation of passports and all other official formalities are taken care before we head to Ministry of Tourism where a detailed briefing on the do's and don'ts regarding the journey will be presented to us. Overnight stay at a hotel in Kathmandu.

  • Day 4 Fly to Lukla 2860m. Then trek to Chutang(3,020m).

    The adventure begins with an early morning flight to Lukla which is also the home to one of the most thrilling airstrips which offer a unique adventure right off the bat. Enjoying the scenic flight and getting our first glimpse of the Himalayas we begin our trekking. Heading out of Lukla we begin our journey through forests of Rhododendron and Pine trees to reach Chutang. Overnight stay at Chutang. 

  • Day 5 Trek from Chutang to Naulekha.

    A long day of trekking awaits us today as we make our way to Naulekha. The trail takes us through the Zatrwa La Pass (4,610m) from where we get to enjoy mesmerizing views of KongdeRi (6,187m), NumburHimal (6,958m), andKaryolung Peaks alongside countless other Himalayan ranges. Continuing the journey through lush green valley’s we reach several small hamlets often established as summer settlements by the yak herders. We reach Naulekha for the night.

  • Day 6 Trek from Naulekha to Kothe (Tashi Ongma|3580m).

    Leaving the hamlet of Naulekha we begin our journey towards Kothe also known as TashiOngma. The rugged hilly trail heads out through dense forests descending all the way. The journey takes us past several clusters of settlements while also presenting us with mesmerizing views of Mera Peak (6,476m) and the Hinku valley down below. We reach Kothe just in time to witness the enchanting views of the sunset. Overnight stay at Kothe.

  • Day 7 Trek from Kothe to Thangnak (4,358m).

    The journey begins from the western bank of the riverbed crossing the Hinku Valley along the way. Gradually ascending through the Himalayan trail, we are awarded front row seats to the enchanting beauty of KusumKhangkaru (6,367m) soaring alongside the majestic Himalayas and the Mera La pass (5,415m). Through enchanting landscapes, we reach the hamlet of Thangnak. Overnight stay at Thangnak.

  • Day 8 Trek from Thangnak to Khare (5,045m).

    The journey today takes us to Khare where the Hinku Valley opens up to the north with mesmerizing sights of the HinkuNup Glacier and countless peaks adorning the skyline beyond. The first descentheads towards sandy banks leading to the steep stream from where the trail gradually ascends towards Khare. Overnight stay at Khare.

  • Day 9 Trek from Khare to Mera Base Camp (5,350m).

    The trek begins alongside the moraines of Mera Glacier as we slowly make our through the rugged icy Himalayan trail while also taking in mesmerizing Himalayan views surrounding the region. After 2 to 3 hours of trekking, we reach the base camp surrounded by an endless Himalayan panorama. Mt Everest (8,848m), Makalu (8,481m), Baruntse (7,129m), KusumKhangkaru (6,367m), alongside countless other Himalayan ranges adorn the silvery skyline their snowy tops covered by clouds. Overnight stay at Mera Base Camp.

  • Day 10 Trek from Mera BC to SetoPokhari.

    Occupying the upper Hunku Basin is a series of Lakes which makes up for our today's journey. The trail gradually ascends through the icy ridges towards Seto Pokhari which translates to the white lake. Reveling in the mountain wilderness of the mesmerizing Hunku Valley we reach the first of the lakes occupying the region from where we get to witness the majestic Chamlang Himal (7,321m) adorned with glaciers on the South-west and North-western faces. Overnight stay at Seto Pokhari.

  • Day 11 Trek from Seto Pokhari to Baruntse Base Camp.

    The journey begins after breakfast continuing the ascent towards the Baruntse Base Camp. The rugged trail heads past boulders and with an increase in altitude the region start to get barren with snow covering the landscapes as far and wide as eyes can see. Crossing Peak 41 (6,649m) enroute, the journey continues towards the Base Camp. Overnight stay at Baruntse Base Camp.

  • Day 12-24 Climbing period of Mt. Baruntse 7,129m.

    Days 12 to 24 will be our climbing period for Mt.Baruntse (7,129m). An advance base camp will be set up near the glacier right at the foot of the South East Ridge. Proper days will be taken to the stock both advanced camp and Camp 1. Camp 1 at the height of 6,450m and Camp 2 will be established alongside the ridges. The journey beyond Camp 1 gets strenuous as we climb snow slopes of 45 degrees to reach Camp 2 beyond which the route requires fixing performed by the guides. We summit the mountain via Camp 2 and descend back the same way spending nights at Camp 1 and advanced base camp. Overnight stays at tented camps.

  • Day 25 Clean up base camp & Reserve day.

    After successfully summiting Mt.Baruntse (7,129m), we take a much needed day off and also tend to our climbing equipment. Following the zero carbon footprint policy to preserve the Himalayan ecosystem, we make a collective effort to collect all the garbage and clean up the base camp. Overnight stay at Baruntse Base Camp.

  • Day 26 Trek back to SetoPokhari.

    We begin our journey back once again heading through the familiar stretches of the trail leading down to SetoPokhari. Enjoying the mesmerizing beauty of the Himalayas surrounding the area we reach the camping site just in time to enjoy the mesmerizing views of the sunset. Overnight stay at Seto Pokhari.

  • Day 27 Trek from Seto Pokhari to Mera Base Camp.

    Day 27 takes us back to Mera Base Camp. The journey gradually begins its descent through the rugged Himalayan trail before once again finding familiar stretches of greenery surrounding the region. We can relish the views of the Himalayas in the Everest ranges on our stay at the Mera Base Camp. Enjoying the stunning lakes which occupy the region we spend the night at Mera Base Camp.

  • Day 28 Trek from Mera Base Camp to Khare (5,045m).

    Enjoying the early morning views of the Himalayas turning golden with the rising sun, we begin our journey back to Khare. The trail gradually winds down overlooking majestic Himalayan ranges for about 2 to 3 hours before reaching the settlement at Khare. The trekcontinues alongside the moraines of Mera Glacier. Overnight stay at Khare.

  • Day 29 Trek from Khare to Thangnak (4,358m).

    The trail heading out of Khare begins its descent through the familiar stretch of the Hinku Valley and while the northern face of the valley gradually closes behind us lush green forests take its place. Reaching the sandy banks of the stream the trail begins its ascent continuing towards the hamlet of Thangnak. Overnight stay at Thangnak.

  • Day 30 Thangnak to Kothe (3,580m).

    The final few days of the journey today we trek back to the hamlet of Kothe. Enjoying the clear views of the Himalayas, we continue our journey down winding through lush green valleys and forests. The trail abandoning its rugged Himalayan nature is quite pleasant and makes for a perfect journey towards Kothe. Overnight stay at Kothe.

  • Day 31 Trek from Kothe to Chutang (3,020m).

    Today, we head back to the hamlet of Chutang. The decreasing altitude gives way to cluster of settlements and lush green forests which are a welcome sight to our eyes. Trekking through the pleasant hilly trail, we reach Chutang which is the last stop in our Himalayan adventure before Lukla where we officially end our journey. Overnight stay at Chutang.

  • Day 32 Trek from Chutang to Lukla (3,840m).

    Day 32 and we are at the end of our Himalayan adventure! The trek once again winds down through dense forests filled with enchanting rhododendron and pine trees. Back at Lukla we directly head to our lodge to celebrate the successful expedition of Mt. Baruntse. We can spend the day observing the Sherpa culture and lifestyle at Lukla. Overnight stay at Lukla.

  • Day 33 Early fly back to Kathmandu then transfer to Hotel.

    We take an early morning flight out of Lukla which also provides us with our final adventure through its narrow runway. The scenic flight gives us a chance to bid goodbye and thanks to the Himalayas and the enchanting valleys for being a wonderful host for the past 30 days. Back at Kathmandu, we head directly back to the hotel where you can either enjoy the amenities or head out to the valley in search of another adventure. Overnight stay at a hotel in Kathmandu.

  • Day 34 Free in Kathmandu.

    A free day in Kathmandu is a perfect chance to go souvenir hunting. You can explore the local areas, familiarize yourself to the local culture and enjoy the local delicacies simultaneously while you also pick up something for everyone back home. An ideal option is to tour around the city to the World Heritage Sites including Pashupatinath, Boudhanath, Swayambhunath, and Kathmandu durbar square. Overnight stay at a hotel in Kathmandu.

  • Day 35 Departure.

    Once again our representatives will drop you back at Tribhuvan International Airport after a warm breakfast and goodbyes. We hope you had a lovely time with us and truly enjoyed the adventure of a lifetime.