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We welcome all fellow travelers and curious souls who have stumbled upon the web platform of Himalaya Summit Club.

We are a group of like-minded individuals who look to serve travelers with international standard services on their trips in Nepal. Beginning with expert professionals, we boast of experienced personnel who have been at the forefront of Nepali tourism for ages. Our communication networks across Nepal and international communities help us identify the needs of our clients.

We specialize in operating a wide variety of travel packages and mountaineering training courses in Nepal. Treks, tours, hikes, expedition, cultural excursions, and adventure sports are a few of our strong suits. These trips are prepared following expert consultations and thorough researches. Our guides and porters serve travelers with personalized touch rather than a dull escort along your trips.

treks and tours to expedition and mountaineering training courses, we provide endless opportunities for mountain-bound ventures. Similarly, jungle safari and adventure sports are in the array of our trip packages as well.

What you ask, we will deliver.What you dream, we will fulfill.

Annapurna Balcony Short Clip

Annapurna Balcony Short Clip